• Metal – ceramic crown
  • Empress ceramic crown
  • Empress veneers
  • Zircon ceramic crown
  • Telescopic crown
  • Partial denture with a metal base
  • Complete denture
  • Acetal resin denture with white post and core
  • CK-anchors, combined (fixed, removable) work

Our office offers a full range of prosthetic work which can be found in the biggest clinics in the world. The emphasis is on metal-free veneers and bridges. CAD/CAM METAL FREE PROTHETICS is increasingly being replaced by metal – porcelain veneers and bridges. Such prosthetics is made by computerized systems in laboratories from several materials chosen depending on what we wish to achieve: aesthetics, transparency or firmness:

  • Zircon
  • E-Max
  • Glass / porcelain

Immediately after grinding and removing the old prosthetics, the patient receives PROVISORY VENEERS AND BRIDGES for 7 to 10 days so that he can function normally until the laboratory work is completed.